2 Signs Your Home's Air Quality May Be Poor

Posted on: 26 March 2021


If you live in an area where pollution levels are high or tend to have a lot of dust, pollen, and other irritating particulates, you may start to wonder whether or not the air quality inside your home has been affected. This may especially be the case if you or someone in your household has started suffering from respiratory symptoms that seem to have no other explanation.

If so, there is a chance that the quality of your home's air is poor. Below are a couple of signs to look for when trying to determine whether or not this could be the case.

1. Extreme Differences in Temperature and/or Humidity Levels From One Area to the Next

One sign that your home may have poor air quality is when you notice that the air feels different from one room or area in your home to the next. In one room, a corner may feel hot and muggy. Then, when you walk to another corner or into the next room, the air feels cool and dry.

If your home has extreme differences in temperatures and humidity levels, this is a sign of improper airflow. If the air is not flowing correctly and leading to drastic changes in the way it feels, the air may become stagnant in certain areas, which could dramatically decrease its quality.

2. Household Members Start Experiencing Symptoms Only While They Are Home

Another sign that your home has poor air quality is the presence of symptoms in you and/or your household members. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itchy skin, and watery eyes could be indicative of irritants contaminating the air in your home.

While these symptoms could be caused by environmental factors, the telltale sign that your home's air is the culprit is when the symptoms appear. You may notice that the symptoms appear shortly after arriving home after being at work or school all day. Then, an hour or two after leaving the house, the symptoms may start to subside.

If you notice inconsistent temperatures and humidity levels in your home and you and your family members have unusual symptoms that subside once you spend time away from the house, the quality of the air may be bad. Contact a business near your that offers indoor air quality evaluation services to have them test the air to let you know for certain so that you can form a plan of action for making improvements.